There are a lot of BNB staking projects, as I call them, out there. One of the first was BNBStake, which is already finished. I will list the BNB projects I know of but there are popping up new ones almost every day!

The step-by-step guideline when you want to participate in those DeFi BSC projects is almost the same for all of those projects. That’s why I made a step by step guideline.

Step 1. Register at Binance

You need to have a crypto broker to buy BNB. I use Binance for this and this broker is used throughout this guideline. …

Lately I have tried and invested in several DeFi apps. I would like to share these apps with you.

- This story is renewed a couple of times due to the fact that projects were finished, so I did not invest in it anymore.
- This is not financial advice
- BNB projects are high yield high risk
- Celsius and Nexo are low/medium risk

6/4/2021: Update: I removed BTCFlash and BNBStake because those projects are finished.
18/4/2021: Removed BNB project list


With this application you can stake a lot of different coins and…

This is a DeFi project I discovered a couple of days ago and I gave it a try of course. This somewhat different than the BNB staking projects like BNBStake of FOMOStake. This project has its own $BCL token as well. I will explain what I do.

BNB Capital

First I will give a small overview of the features of this project.


The project is very new and the contract was submitted for verification 26 March 2021.

This project has the following features. I will explain the features later.

  1. Loan (investment) plans
  2. Staking into BNB-BCL liquidity pool
  3. Bonus referral program

Loan investment plans

Note: You…

Yesterday I jumped into two new projects, which are quite different from the BNB projects I jumped in before. And hold on before you quit reading my experience. This one is really different! Yes it has just started but it has some nice features, so keep on reading!
The projects are MoonRat and Octans!

The big features of these new projects are:

  • You do not need to deposit $MRAT or $OCTA into a pool. Your wallet is the Pool !
  • You earn more $MRAT and $OCTA just by holding! And you see your wallet balance increase each hour!
  • With MoonRat…

It is week 15 of 2021 and this is the status of my journey into crypto land. Trying to have some passive income with cypto.

This week:

  • Learning the hard way of those shitty BNB staking projects
  • Increasing interest in Nexo and Celsius platforms
  • Stepping into some other yield farming projects
  • Buying some crypto coins

BNB Staking projects

As described in a more detailed previous article I am done with those shitty BNBStake copy cat projects. I was warned but still attracted by the high yields on a short term. That is never a good sign. Those projects never hold for a couple…

As you know I am sharing my knowledge and experience around cryptocurrencies and earning money on several platforms. I want to earn some passive income with them.

But boy was I wrong about those BNB projects. There is nothing “passive” about it. I needed to watch those projects every day in an active manner. Because the BNB balance was draining fast and most of the time within a couple of days. I knew it were risky projects, but it also took a lot of time and energy. So I am stepping out of those projects. Or at least I am…

The price drop of the BCL and AMBR tokens of the projects of BNBCapital and BNBHives, made me sell the liquidity tokens of BCL-BNB and AMBR-BNB. I stepped out of BNBCapital investment. From those earnings I stepped into another project I ran into today, so read on.

Note: I still have my deposit of BNBCapital to earn in a couple of weeks though. In total 1 BNB

That’s the disadvantage of such projects where the price of their own token is dropping. Then it’s not good to step in anymore. Maybe this next project is doing a better job?


I keep a list of all BNB projects I come across and also indicate the risk.

Most of the BNB staking projects mentioned in the sheet and that I tried have failed and finished.

Note: They are all pretty high risk but dependent on the current balance, some are riskier than other.

BNB projects

I keep the projects in a sheet. The columns are pretty self explanory:

  • Project: The name of the project and (referral) link
  • Start project: The date on which the project started or will start.
  • End Project: The date on which the project finished (because of 0 BNB balance…

This is a bi-weekly newsletter about DeFi. In this letter:

  • Status of BNB Staking projects

BNB Staking projects

The last couple of weeks a lot of BNB staking projects saw daylight. I have invested in a lot of them. Some successful, some not, some scams, some already finished. There are a lot of copy-cats from the first: BNBStake.

Here is a list of those BNB staking projects (I know of) and the status.

Finished projects

I added the number of days it was alive.

  • BNBStake (29)
  • SquadUp (7)
  • BNBKing (7)
  • (6)
  • FOMOStake (17)
  • BNBMinter (20) (The BNX staking project is still alive)

Projects that are still alive

I have…

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